The introduction of brand

The introduction of brand

MUTUKI comes from Britain. Its designer comes from London Yolanda Industry Co, Ltd, which has been dedicated in the development, production and sales of sanitary products such as diapers for many years, and has gained a very high reputation in the European paper diaper market.

Diapers crafted with super first-class raw materials and took super first-class technology,held the international leading technical support.Its high quality and soft air permeable layer is pure ,harmless, soft ,comfortable, breathable and dry. We also ensure the products are tested in the rigid intelligent production rooms with high cleanliness and hygiene, bringing the most healthy and comfortable experience to Asian babies.


MUTUKI symbolizes "new hope"

MUTUKI centers around baby comfort and promotes the environmental-friendly baby
diaper brands.

MUTUKI hopes to give baby the comfortable diaper experience with excellent quality.
The pure and happy smile wearing baby is always its unchanged pursuit.