About Us

Hangzhou Lianxing Trading Co., Ltd. was founded in August 2016. Mutuki is a brand operated by hangzhou lianxing trading co., LTD.The company is dedicated to solution of maternal and child retail stores’ supply and marketing problem. We apply centralized purchasing to increase profit margins, system support to improve operational efficiency and collaborative marketing to establish loyalty of customers.

The core management team comes from listed companies, central enterprises, well-known Internet companies, famous traditional maternal and child enterprises, who have rich experience in corporate governance, business breakthroughs, Internet applications, financial planning and other aspects.

At present, the company's business has spreaded over the whole country,with the key market areas covering East China(Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui),Southwest China(Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan and Chongqing). In China, more than 20,000 maternal and child retailers both online and offline have been stationed in the platform in order to obtain different levels of service. There are four different levels, including supply chain collection, business school training, hundreds of IT tools and store upgrade and transformation. At present, more than five thousand maternal and child stores purchase goods from this platform. The company has been authorized to cooperate with nearly 2000 mother and baby brands, gotten distribution rights for"France Dumex", "Denmark ARLA", "New Zealand Nouriz" and other international well-known milk powder brands.Besides, two self-made brand diapers have successfully been introduced, covering the consumption sequences of high, medium, low, e-commerce.They were widely distributed and the sales performance was excellent in the last year when it was first marketed. In addition, the company not only signed an exclusive strategic cooperation agreement with the time-honored medicine brand Fang Hui Chun Tang, cooperating in the development of a number of maternal and child best-selling health syrup, but also developed and produced a self-made brand of maternal and child wash& care products, medicated bath and foot bath products.